Our donor females have been carefully selected for docility, maternal quality, a balanced EPD profile and the ability to lay down and raise a herd sire. 


CB Ms Blanda 415W

CB Ms Blanda 415W | R10148128

BWC Ms Tank 889T4

BWC Ms Tank 889T4 | R10096353

TBF Ms Bragg 406Z2

TBF Ms Bragg 406Z2
Bragg of RRR 795W11 x Ms RRR Washington 406X14 | R10221321 | DOB: 2/2/12
Our newest donor addition purchased in the Ideal Video Productions Customer Appreciation Sale. We are happy to partner with Cavender Ranches on this great young female.  

Ms Brinks Next Step 361U2

Ms Brinks Next Step 361U2
Suhn's Next Step 331R7 x Ms Brinks Sundance 361N13 | R10110502 | DOB: 1/19/08
Our donor addition purchased in the fall of 2013 from Schmidt Farms. We're looking for her to become a foundation female in our program. Please call and ask about embryos or a flush available on this proven donor. 

CCC Ms Cadence 36N5

CCC Ms Cadence 36N5
Cadence x CCC Ms Newsmaker 36H4 | R9667101 | DOB: 4/1/03

Ms Brinks New Era 75M21

Ms Brinks New Era 75M21 | VIEW HER VIDEO
New Era of Brinks 541J37 x Miss Brinks Typesetter 75K12 | R824620 | DOB: 9/25/02
Mother of Rice of Brinks 75R65 and Granddam of Mahan of Brinks 240U6. 

Ms Brinks Csonka 468T47

Ms Brinks Csonka 468T47
Csonka of Brinks 30R4 x Ms Brinks Backside 468P30 | R10083267 | DOB: 2/23/07

Mahan of Brinks 240U6

Ms Brinks CEO 240N12 | VIEW HER VIDEO
CEO of Brinks 99J44 x Ms Brinks Picasso 240H7 | R9669490 | DOB: 9/19/03
Mother of Mahan of Brinks 240U6.

RBM Ms Lead Gun 129T6
Lead Gun of Brinks 222K14 x MC Ms John Wayne 129R7 | R10080430 | DOB: 1/22/07
Her full sister is the dam of Something Special and Red Bird Meadows recently sold her for $49,000!
Please view this video of her son, 129Y. He was one of the Elite Bulls at the Star G Dispersal sale in 2012.